As a UK based graphic designer with a BA Hons from the Manchester Metropolitan School of Art, I specialise in print design, with a primary focus on books and magazines.

Alongside my work as a freelance designer, I have been employed by SISTERS Magazine -  a 108-page monthly magazine for women worldwide - since 2008, also working on their sister magazine Discover - a monthly magazine for children. SISTERS also moved online in 2015 (, enabling me to develop my web design skills. As the magazines (both print and digital versions) are time-based products, I work quickly and efficiently, ensuring deadlines are met without compromising on quality.

I love to work with high quality, beautiful images, to create a stunning impact in my work, and strongly believe that when it comes to design, less is more.

I am also able to supply clients with product photography, suitable for both print and web. I firmly believe that small businesses can benefit from using beautiful imagery in order to create a strong brand image.

I try to provide an all-round service by proofreading and copy-editing text supplied by clients, ensuring that it reads well, so that the final product reflects quality across the board, not just in its design but also in its content.

Finally, in my personal life, I am a mother of two children, with whom I enjoy baking, art and travelling, and I am also a keen swimmer.