Custom notebook


Custom notebook

from 11.99

Personalise your notebook with your choice of line width, and your favourite piece of artwork on the cover - be it a memorable photograph, one of your kids' drawings, or even your own doodles - you can make it truly your own!


• 200 pages

• large: 11inch x 8.5inch (approx UK A4)

• regular (5.5inch x 8.5inch - approx UK A5)

• in a matte feel finish


For your front cover image, scan your artwork to the highest resolution, or set your camera to the highest setting. If taking a photo, take it next to a window - in natural daylight - for best results. Be careful not to let any shadows go on to the page. Don't worry about cropping, we will take care of that. If there are any problems with the image, we will drop you an email.


Your personalised notebook can be made available to purchase on Amazon, at a reduced rate of £6.99 for the small, and 9.99 for the large, should you wish to buy more. This is a free service, but please do let us know if you would prefer not to have it made available to the public.


Next steps:

1. Place your order

2. We will be in touch with regards to your cover image and text

3. You will be sent a copy to approve, and should receive your book within a week.

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